LingQ 60-mini stories in Icelandic

The whole course as a zip file (81 MB)

Text files in Icelandic

Saga 1-10
Saga 11-20
Saga 21-30
Saga 31-40
Saga 41-50
Saga 51-60

Icelandic titles of all the stories

Text files in English

Stories 1-10
Stories 11-20
Stories 21-30
Stories 31-40
Stories 41-50
Stories 51-60

MP3 Files in Icelandic

Saga 1
Saga 2
Saga 3
Saga 4
Saga 5
Saga 6
Saga 7
Saga 8
Saga 9
Saga 10

Saga 11
Saga 12
Saga 13
Saga 14
Saga 15
Saga 16
Saga 17
Saga 18
Saga 19
Saga 20

Saga 21
Saga 22
Saga 23
Saga 24
Saga 25
Saga 26
Saga 27
Saga 28
Saga 29
Saga 30

Saga 31
Saga 32
Saga 33
Saga 34
Saga 35
Saga 36
Saga 37
Saga 38
Saga 39
Saga 40

Saga 41
Saga 42
Saga 43
Saga 44
Saga 45
Saga 46
Saga 47
Saga 48
Saga 49
Saga 50

Saga 51
Saga 52
Saga 53
Saga 54
Saga 55
Saga 56
Saga 57
Saga 58
Saga 59
Saga 60

These 60 mini-stories will become available in the language learning platform LingQ when Icelandic gets added to the platform. All the material here is the public domain. This applies to all the LingQ 60 mini-stories in all languages and all their past, present and future translations, which are usually translated and read by volunteers see here. I do not work for LingQ and the image here is not an official logo, just a mix of the LingQ logo and the Icelandic flag, for explanatory purposes.

Translated from English to Icelandic by Rökkvi Vésteinsson
Proofreading by Katrín Mixa
Read by Rökkvi Vésteinsson, Katrín Mixa and Laufey Rökkvadóttir

Note in story 52 there is something slightly illogical. First it says dótturdóttir (daughter of my daughter) and then sonarsonur (son of my son) in the alternate version. Don´t let it bother you. Gangi ykkur vel!

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Free Icelandic audiobooks with texts


Faroese and Greenlandic:

Work is under way by some good Faroese people to translate and read this material in Faroese, so Faroese can also be added to LingQ down the line

I did contact some people in Greenland and/or of Greelandic heritage about possibly doing the same for West-Greenlandic. The language institute I talked with does not at this time have the resources and although they do think it´s a good idea which would help people learn Greenlandic, they did point out how the new words, known words land lingqs features in LingQ would not really work well with a polysynthetic language like Greenlandic. I certainly think just having the translations and readings of the mini-stories would help, even without LingQ and that LingQ would help even more, even if it´s not as well suited for Greenlandic as it is for European languages. I will probably not make further efforts to get this done for Greenlandic, but at least quite a few Greenlandic academics have now heard about this possibility. Who knows? Maybe they will spread the word and eventually someone might take on this project.